Are you a Pepper Soup connoisseur?

Do you like pepper soup?
Pepper soup joints are not a rare site in Owerri, but if you are a frequent pepper soup eater your tongue soon acclimatizes to the subtle differences in all pepper soup places. You become a connoisseur of sorts.

How do you like it?
There’s something extraordinary about a steaming bowl of spiced herbs and catfish (or if you prefer, brokoto (cows hooves), orisirisi(offall) and goat meat), but what’s most upsetting is when you have to kiss many frogs before finding the prince charming of all pepper soups.

The best pepper soup spot
Thankfully, I found the right spot for you at Area H, New-Owerri. This spot is not the typical run off the mill peppersoup place, this one is EXTRA, the kind that’s befitting of a 5-Star rating from a pepper soup connoisseur like yourself. Try it and leave a review.

Book now, travel later
Book La Amistad Suites before 21st of March to get 20% off and a free bowl of pepper soup in Owerri on arrival.

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