A personal experience, from our own Company Director.

A three day visit to Prague recently, by our Company Director Philip Stucken, is something we simply have to share with you.

Thanks to its’ central role in the religious conflict/wars between The Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants of northern Europe from the 14th to 18th centuries and the period during which it was the seat of the Papal hierarchy, the town attracted Kings and Nobility to its concentration of political and religious power.

The result was a boom in the construction of many palaces, Churches, Bridges ( among the most famous the Charles Bridge) and beautiful architectural buildings, gardens and squares, more than equal to the other great European cities like Paris and Vienna.

The Castle of Prague where the Popes resided for a period and ruled the Catholic Church, is a magnificent structure with its’ own Gothic Cathedral within its walls and is a must to visit.

Prague is a dream destination for those interested in period architecture and European History.

The small Hotel we stayed in was a real find – Very spacious rooms decorated with plenty of period furniture, very centrally situated and well- priced for European standards at around EU95 pp.

The name says it all, Small Luxury Palace.


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