A Gem on The Garden Route – Oyster Creek Lodge

I  have been travelling to the Garden Route for over 20 years now.  When we still lived in Gauteng, my hubbie and I used to do the great trek with all the other beach starved nutters, every December, taking our lives in our hands to get here.  When we had kids, it was the same, only with 10x more luggage!

Over the years, we have camped, slept on couches, hired dodgy chalets and stayed in hotels – anything we could to be able to enjoy a place we all love so much.

Now we live in Port Elizabeth, the Garden Route is a reasonable drive ( the best drive in the country in my opinion ), with some awesome stops on the way, for a weekend!  As Sure Maritime Travel are hosting such a wonderful competition with Oyster Creek Lodge, they thought we should experience the property for ourselves, and very generously gave my family and I, a two night stay.  WOW, this little gem is at the prime address in Knysna for a start – 1 Point Road!  Sheltered by tall trees and looking straight out onto the Knysna heads, over the estuary.

My ten year old daughter, dying for the loo after our drive down, went into the bathroom and shouted out, “wow, we can see the lagoon from the toilet”!  I felt immediately at home when we were shown in, by Esther, the gentle soul who looks after the place.  If you take the time to read the guestbook, on the counter by the front door, you will see that many, many guests have said “it is like a home away from home “.  I love my home, but it doesn’t have a huge balcony and a view like this!

Comfortable and easy furniture, well stocked honour bar and fireplace, I think it could be the perfect spot for a mid winter getaway!!  The bedrooms and bathrooms are beautifuly decorated, and have more than one would expect in a B and B establishment.  Soaps, shampoo, tea and coffee making facilities,digital room safes and nougar cookies!!

Out of the vry of town, but close to the main road, Oyster Creek is perfectly placed for visiting this beautiful area.  We went towards Wilderness today, and stopped at the Wild Oats market in Sedgefield.  On the way back this afternoon, we trawled some antique shops and had a light lunch in town.  We couldn’t wait to get back to our ‘home’ for the weekend, and with a berg wind blowing, we even squeezed in a quick swim in the plunge pool, last one before next summer I recon!   We took some canoes out on the water and spent a lovely afternoon paddling round the estuary, in perfect weather.  The wind has picked up a bit now, and the idyllic weather has turned, so we are going to go out for a meal and then look forward to getting back to Oyster Creek to light a fire and open a bottle of red wine.  We plan on enjoying every single last moment here and I hope to be able to return again soon, to enjoy this perfect little spot, tucked away on the point in Knysna.



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