The Dressage South Africa National Dressage Challenge

Tamsin Wentzel is a participant in the National Dressage Challenge and she will be doing a blog for us during the next week, with information on the show and the skill of dressage!

The national shows hosted by the PERC have been South African Pony Rider Championships, South African Junior Championships and South African Dressage Championships.  One of the 5 legs of the Show Jumping World Cup Qualifier is held in Port Elizabeth in November each year.   these shows bring horses and riders from all over the country and allow our riders and supporters a chance to see the top horses and riders in action and it gives them something to work towards and aspire to.

The Dressage South Africa National Dressage Challenge is a national show but the riders don’t travel, the judges do.  There are 2 highly qualified judges who travel to each show and judge the same tests.  This gives the competitors a “home advantage”.  The scores are all tallied nationally and a result is determined once all the provinces have held their shows.

The tests ridden are FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale – the International Equestrian Federation) World Challenge tests.  Each rider has an opportunity to ride in a qualifying round, and only the top 15 horses and riders go through to the main test on the Sunday.

In Port Elizabeth our dressage numbers are fairly low compared to the bigger provinces like the Western Cape and Gauteng, so most of our riders get to go through.  It’s a great opportunity to ride for these judges and to see where you fit into the national result!


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