Totallly Awesome Dude!

Want to look cool on the slopes, or make sense of the cool dude in the queue when he turns round and says, “With the flat light and this chowder, you’ll have to ride good or eat wood?”  We are going to help you with some totally awesome ski slang to sprinkle liberally into your conversation!

Aprés Ski – Literally it means ‘after ski’, but really refers to the nightly social assault course which can take more out of you, than skiing!

Back Country – Skiing outside the ski resort area on unmarked slopes. You have to love climbing uphill and relish avalanche danger.

Bombing – Going downhill at a reckless speed without regard for others.

Brain bucket – Helmet-and don’t ever ski or board without one!

Bunny Slope –  A beginner’s slope usually accessible by a magic carpet.

Bulletproof – Compacted icy snow that’s hard enough to ricochet bullets.

Champagne Powder- (This is my favourite type of snow) Light and feathery!

Checking- Briefly setting an edge to reduce your speed.

Chocolate Chips- These are the end of season rocks to be found peeking out of the snow and tear up your ski or board base.

Chowder- Chopped-up powder.

Corduroy – Freshly groomed machine-packed snow with a ribbed texture that resembles corduroy.

Core Shot – Damage to the base of your ski that cuts completely through the ptex exposing the core-bummer!

Couloir – A narrow chute with rock walls on both sides.

Crud – Sounds like it is: hard and lumpy in places with slippery ice patches in-between.

Death Cookies – Icy chunks of snow that cover the pistes like gravel-yuk!

Dust on the Crust – A light sprinkling of fresh snow on top of a hard, sometimes icy base.

Eat Wood– What happens when a skier or snowboarder hits a tree. Oohhh!

Face-Plant –Falling onto your face, which is as painful as it sounds unless it’s in champagne powder, then it’s funny!

Face Shots – The awesome result of skiing in powder so deep, that the snow sprays you in the face. Bring it on!

Fall Line – The natural line of descent between two points on a slope.

Flat Light – Grey skies and dim light that makes changes in terrain difficult to see-nasty!

FreeRider – This hipster prefers to ski off-piste , powder bumps, steeps, trees and moguls.

Freshies – Untracked powder, the ultimate skier’s experience, hence the saying, ” No friends on a powder day! ”

Gaper – Any unstylish or ill-advised novice who stands out ( albeit unintentionally) as being a little clueless shame!

Gaper Gap – The gap of flesh sometimes visible between your helmet and goggles, it can look a little ridiculous, hence the gaper reference.

Jibber – Someone who skis rails, boxes, and other features around the mountain. (Essentially, to jib is to slide down anything but snow.)

Knuckle-Dragger – A carving snowboarder.

Lift-Lickers –Kids who can’t resist freezing their tongues to the chairlift. Awww-ouch!

Liftie – Chairlift operator.

Magic Carpet – Step onto this and you’ll be carried smoothly forward.

Milk Run – First ski of the day.

Park Rat – A terrain park junkie.

Poodle Turns – Demo turns made by ski instructors.

Pow Pow – Freshly fallen snow or champagne powder!

Powder Hound – A skier obsessed with sniffing out powder stashes.

Ripper – An accomplished and impressive skier.

Ski Bum – One who lives to ski…and avoids anything that isn’t skiing ie: work!

Ski Bunny – A female skier who appears to be concerned more about her looks than actually skiing. A little sexist n’est ce pas?

Shred – To snowboard or ski but only if you’re good, so not applicable to novices.

Traverse –Skiing across the fall line.

Yard Sale – A big fall in which a poor skier or snowboarder loses their skis, gloves, hat and poles across the piste, thus resembling a yard sale!

Wedeln –Linking wiggling-hip turns down the fall line, knees and feet close together, edge-set minimal. Desperately cool if you can get it right!

Zipper Line –The fastest route down a mogul field.


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