Weré sharing good advice for Student travellers!!!

Keep an eye on your stuff! Don’t leave your things unattended or with a stranger, particularly at airports and terminals.  

Have travel insurance! It will cover your emergency medical needs (including exams), baggage protection, travel accident protection, trip protection, and 24-hour emergency assistance.  

Don’t show off your valuables, such as your cam era or jewelry, and carry just a small amount of money in your wallet. Keep the bulk hidden away with the rest of your essential documents either in a money belt or a hotel safe.  

Lock up your luggage! If you’re sporting a backpack, try to keep the zippered sections locked together.  

When exchanging money, only deal with authorized agents in a safe area. 

Book your first night’s accommodation before you arrive in the city, you can find out when you arrive what to do next and know you have somewhere to sleep and shower! 

Get a guide book and get familiar with the layout of the town or city while you are travelling there! 

If you’re traveling alone, try not to arrive at night. If there’s a tourist information desk at your point of arrival, find out the safest method of getting into town.  

Walk confidently with an air of purposeful alertness and dress in clothes that blend in with the crowds and you’re less likely to be hassled.

 Never forget you are a guest in someone else’s country, so dress and behave accordingly. Neat and conservative attire is more likely to prompt a respectful and friendly res ponse from locals. Always learn some key phrases of the language – they’ll be really useful.  

Abide by a country’s code – and this may mean not sunbathing topless however inviting it seems, or wearing shorts and sleeveless tops – and you’ll have a much better time. Be aware of religious dress codes such as covering your head, removing your shoes, or walking in a certain direction round a temple.  

Avoid trouble spots – if you’re heading to any areas of potential unrest, check with the U.S. State Department using the link below.

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