Our new partner Azifani Tours!!!!!

Azifani is a Xhosa word meaning not the same.

 Tracy Andrews, started Azifani tour company six years ago. 

“ My teaching background with keen interest in history and natural science –  together with my deep love for our local heritage – history, culture nature,  adventure the idea of showing these off to others was an easy transition. I completed my guiding course in 2006. I had often taken friends and friend’s overseas families on little trips and loved it – one particular couple, the Tulls, encouraged me to do it as a full time job – so here I am!!

 I try and create tours that high light our region and   ensure that each tour is ‘not the same’ and promote our special region. I am continually amazed (and frustrated) when I hear people say there is nothing to do in PE and our Eastern Cape Region. My biggest challenge is to show them that this perception is wrong!

 Besides planning and taking tours for locals and international guests, we also take school tours that focus on our heritage – in history, nature and culture- connecting with the national curriculum This also includes factory tours like the  Hinterveld Mohair and Merino  experience. 

We also offer tours for conference and event guests including the NMMU, Mathematics Conference, Commonwealth Chess strategists, Lead SA etc.

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