Country information for Zanzibar

No airport departure taxes are charged.

Security in Zanzibar

Exercise standard safety measures against crime, including violent crime and sexual assault. Keep valuables safe and hidden, and be alert in busy places. It is best to not walk on your own. Beware of credit card fraud. Ensure that tour guides are trustworthy. Stay away from demonstrations and rallies. Do not take pictures of military sites, public buildings, industrial sites, airports, stations, bridges, ports etc. Always have a copy of your passport with you. Drug crimes are treated harshly.


Compulsory: People older than one year travelling from risk areas (not SA) need a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Travellers returning to SA from Zanzibar will also need a certificate.

Recommended: Hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid

Immunisation against cholera, meningitis, rabies and tuberculosis may be advised. There is a risk of malaria below 1,800m and prophylaxis (not Chloroquine) is recommended. Consult a doctor if suffering from flu-like symptoms or a fever up to a year after visiting a malaria region. There is a risk of Dengue fever. Take care to prevent mosquito bites and use insect repellents during day and night. Seek urgent medical attention if suffering from symptoms such as bad headache, fever, rash, bodily pains and nausea. There is a risk of cholera. Exercise good hygiene practises, only use water that is bottled or has been boiled and order drinks without ice. Contact a doctor urgently if experiencing diarrhoea. There is a risk of bilharzia. It is not advisable to spend time in fresh water. Practise standard preventive measures against HIV/AIDS infection. Medical services are rudimentary. Take a sufficient quantity of required medications for personal use. Medical evacuation insurance is advised. It is recommended that travellers see a healthcare professional or travel clinic no less than six weeks before departure.

Currency in Zanzibar

Tanzanian shilling (TZS). Latest Exchange Rate: TZS1 = ZAR0.0061 (05 Aug 2013 00:00). Exchange currency (preferably USD, GBP or EUR) at major banks, bureaux de change, some hotels and the airport, and keep all exchange receipts. USD notes should be new and in good condition. Non-residents are required to pay in USD for hotels air tickets, national park entry fees and ferry tickets. Carry a sufficient supply of cash or traveller’s cheques. Credit cards can not generally be used on Zanzibar and cash is required for most transactions. There are a small number of ATMs in Stone Town. Check with your bank whether your card will be accepted. Traveller’s cheques (preferably in USD or GBP) can be exchanged but there may be difficulties.

Banking Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30-12:30; Sat 08:30-13:00.

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