How Social is your media?

Sure Maritime Travel are actively using social media, particularly in regards to communications with clients and creating innovative opportunities.


 Travelscene Corporate conducted a survey into the usage and importance of social media for travel managers. According to the results, more than one third of all respondents admitted to using social media primarily for business reasons, while 53 percent said they used it for entertainment and social purposes. “The number of business travellers using social media for business reasons is increasing and it will only be a matter of time before TMCs across the board will utilise social media resources in some way to get closer to clients and create a more intimate experience,” Travelscene Corporate general manager David Padman said. “It will be a natural progression that TMCs will be connecting more and more with clients via these platforms to add even more value to their client’s experiences.” Mr Padman believes there is a considerable opportunity to deliver ‘smart’ customer service ‘add-ons’ to enable further client satisfaction. “It’s an incredibly competitive market for TMCs in Australia and will most likely remain like this from here on in, so TMCs need to ensure they are offering customer service that is second to none, not only to win new clients but also to maintain the clients they already have,” Mr Padman said. The role of TMCs must now be scrutinised; along with fulfilling customer needs and requirements, TMCs must offer innovation, provide more options and develop additional services when catering to clients. Travelscene Corporate members are harnessing these opportunities in 2013 and beyond. “Our members understand how important it is to innovate and respond quickly to customer needs in the ever-changing technological environment – social media fits well here as a useful communication resource and our members are focused on fine-tuning these client support services,” Mr Padman said.

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