A smartphone is the most popular electronic device used on flights


 The Sure Maritime Crew are always looking at travel technology so that we can make sure our clients have what they need at their fingertips. 

Nearly 82% of 2,493 travellers who answered a related question say they use smartphones.

Among other findings of the new FlightView survey:

 •Most travelers are not satisfied with the availability of Wi-Fi on airplanes and in airports.

Seven of every 10 travelers who answered a survey question about the availability of in-flight Wi-Fi say they are dissatisfied, while six of every 10 say they are not satisfied about Wi-Fi’s availability at airports.

 •Free Wi-Fi is “the No. 1 thing” that would improve a traveler’s airport experience while waiting for departure, according to 72% of the 2,432 travelers who answered a related question.

Nearly 23% say the No. 1 thing to improve the airport experience would be digital displays showing the location of the plane they must board when it is not at the departure gate, and less than 6% say the top thing would be discount coupons for shops and restaurants.

 •Nearly 93% of 2,500 travelers who answered a question about information that could be sent to their mobile devices before landing prior to a connecting flight say they would like information about the status of their next flight and the corresponding gate.

About 62% say they would like walking directions to the connecting flight, and about 30% say they would like information on “easily accessible food and beverages” at the connecting airport. Survey respondents were allowed to provide more than one answer to the question.


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