Sure Maritime’s top ten camping tips!



Choose the right tent. You don’t have to spend a fortune but like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you are planning the family two week holiday on a campsite then don’t risk having a miserable time because you have bought the cheapest tent in the shop. Make sure you choose one with a spacious living area for wet days.

Practice putting the tent up in your garden before you head out. This serves two main purposes, firstly to check that all the parts are there and secondly so that you can see how it works. (Putting up a new tent in the rain for the first time is not a lot of fun!)

Test out your camp bed and sleeping bag in your sitting room. Perhaps let the children sleep in their bags a few times before you set off to get them used to it. Make sure they are comfortable and warm enough. (Put the air bungs in a safe place an remember to get a decent pump!)

Choose a campsite with enough activities for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t try to cook anything fancy on your first night on the campsite. Have something easy to heat up or better still pick up a takeaway on your journey or eat out. There is enough setting up to do without worrying about cooking!

Make a plan in case of wet weather. Do a bit of research on the area you are visiting and make a few plans for all weathers. Although it can be fun (and quite cozy) sitting out a storm playing board games it can soon lose its appeal. Pack some outdoor games as well.

Make a plan for keeping your food cold. If you have opted for basic camping (without electric hook up) then you will need to have a cold box. Most good campsites will offer a re-freezing facility where you can either swap your defrosted blocks for frozen ones or put your blocks in the parks freezer and collect them once frozen. Take a few packs so you always have some to exchange. You will need to leave about 8 hours for your blocks to freeze (longer when people are in and out of the freezer with their warm blocks.)

Go out of season if you can. If you have pre-school age children then why not avoid the crowds by going camping just before or after the holidays. Even mid week during the holidays are a little quieter.

If you get stuck or don’t know the correct etiquette for something when you are on the campsite then don’t be shy… ask a fellow camper. Campsites are generally friendly places and we have all been newbies at one stage or other. The park warden or reception staff should also be happy to answer questions.

Relax and don’t take anything too seriously. There are bound to be the odd little ‘issue’ however these may just be the family memories that get relived over the sunday lunch years from now. Whoever remembers the uneventful holidays anyway?

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