We Care Book Drive

About the School and why we need your help

Strelitzia Primary School was started 17 years in Betholsdorp, extension 31.
The school was built for the growing community in the area, and the need for
a afrikaans school. Over the years the school has fell victim to vandalism,
theft and lack of maintenance.
Through time, they saw there was a need for a english stream in the school,
and changed it to dual medium school.
The literacy level in the school is very poor, learners have little access
to libraries, or a range of books suited to their reading level.

Miss Adams ( grade 2 english teacher) and Mrs Arnold want to start a library to
encourage reading to the learners. They want to help show these young children
in the community, the joy of reading, and allow them another ‘world’ to
escape too. We are hoping to start a new generation of children who love to read


What We Can Do

Sure Maritime Travel is undertaking a book drive and will be actively helping build the library,
which means we will be getting our hands dirty, helping out with painting, building and stocking the Library.
Which is why we need your help.

We will be setting up drop off bins at our Sure Maritime Offices in PE and Uitenhage
were you can drop off old children books, the primary aim is Grade 1 and 2 as these have the most students,
but any books will do as we plan on expanding to the other grades as well.

If you would like to help please get in touch with Rachael,
[email protected] and lets help these children get a head start in life.


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