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At Sure Maritime Travel we always try to find ways to make travel exciting, fun and hassle free. Here are some great Travel tips thanks to the folks over at Head Office.

1: Choose a holiday destination that will give you opportunities to experience life through the eyes of a local – go beyond the ordinary tourist spots and seek out experiences that will make your holiday epic. Yes, you may not want a conventional holiday to Mauritius but with the right itinerary and ideas, you could discover a side of Mauritius that most holidaymakers don’t ever see.

2: Read as much as you can before you leave – travel blogs are a great resource to use when deciding on a holiday. Travel bloggers share their experiences honestly from a personal perspective and give valuable recommendations and reviews.

3: Get inspired! Observe, listen, research and be open to new ideas. Know as much as you can about the destination before you even step onto the plane. But don’t be so rigid when you are there – be flexible with your itinerary and take up all opportunities to try something different.

4: It’s not the content of the photograph that matters – it’s the emotion behind it. Take holiday photos that capture the feelings and emotions of the moment – photos do not have to be technically perfect.

5: Share your travel stories and photos on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc – it’s the perfect way to document your holiday and share with your friends and family.

6: Don’t forget the most important travel tip of all… holidays are about relaxation, exploration, stepping out of your comfort zone and most importantly, having fun. Don’t let the admin and rush of things to do leading up to your travels detract from the reason you are travelling – to see the world and have fun!

Do you have any tips on how to improve your travels?  Feel free to add them to our facebook page www.facebook.com/Maritime.Travel

Happy Travelling the

Sure Maritime Travel Team

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