The Value of Online Check – In


It has come to our attention, through valuable client feedback, that airlines continue to ‘bump’ passengers off overbooked flights.  According to IATA regulations, airlines are ‘allowed’ to overbook flights to counter no show factors on their flights. 

Besides the obvious benefits of having your boarding pass up to twenty four hours in advance, there are huge advantages to checking in on-line.

Most importantly, it tells the airline that you are coming!  This prevents them from offloading you from a flight and selling your ticket at the last minute to someone else. 

Most airlines have a rule that you must be checked in thirty to forty five minutes prior to departure; if you’re not there before, then they have permission to remove you from the flight and cancel your onward itinerary.

By checking in online, however, the airline can’t close the flight and move on without you. Even if you make it at the last minute or even if you don’t make it at all, they should hold your seat until the very last second. Only then, if you haven’t arrived up to that point, and they need the spare seats will they substitute someone else.

 Online check – in can be found on the airline website under the tab “manage my booking”. A booking reference or flight number and surname is required to access the booking.  Online check – in can only be completed 24 hours before flight departure.

 Sure Maritime Travel is aware that some travellers do not have access to the internet.   We are very happy to check passengers in online if that is the case, please just let us know!


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