The Magic of Morocco

Sun filters through an open shutter casting a golden shadow on the marbled arches below, like a scene from an old black and white film suddenly transformed into full Technicolor.
This is Morocco, arguably one of the most romantic Cities in the world. A vibrant mix of historical European, African and Moslem Architecture, seamlessly connecting to form the inner city of Casablanca.

One might easily feel that they are on the set  the iconic Bogart film of the same name while wondering down these streets. Such is the picturesque beauty of the place. Street vendors selling there wares, historical buildings and an electric cultural mix greet you on every corner. No one would blame you if you happened into a restaurant and  asked the pianist to play it again erstwhile referring to the fellow as Sam.

The beauty of this magnificent country is not only confined to the cityscapes and the nostalgia of an old film, a quick ride out of town and one is greeted with magnificent dunes, camels and Casbahs. There are more than a thousand crumbling casbahs—the walled, mud-brick forts famously rocked by the Clash—in the Atlas Mountains near Ouarzazate, but the most impressive collection by far is Aït Ben Haddou.

But words alone can not do Morocco justice, it is truly a country made for photographs. Below are a collection of pictures to help elaborate on the beauty described above.




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