The Golden Hour of Travel

It is know as the golden hour, the moment just before sunrise and sunset, where the world takes on a magical glow and cloaks itself in a beautiful array of soft hues.

It has the power to transform and excite creating a visual spectacle that is every travellers delight. A new dawn on the adventures you are about to undertake, the excitement of endless wonder, or the musings of a day spent in a foreign land, reminiscing on all that came before and all that is still to be  experienced. There is nothing quite as invigorating, splendid or wonderful as experiencing these moments while travelling.

Below is a selection of stunning golden hour travel photography that we believe will get the traveller in all of you excited to take some snaps, and plan your next getaway.

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The Sydney Opera House enveloped in a sea of purple – Photo By Kumiko N.

Amsterdam canal frozen over as the sun sets – Photo by Maddie S.
Lighthouse view of Puerto Vallarta as the sun touches the horizon – Photo By Shanti G.

Sunset framing the Eiffel Tower from Place de la Concorde, Paris – Photo By Christophe S.
Heavenly light over St. Peter’s Basilica and the Tiber River in Rome – Photo By Jason L.

Night settling in over Prague – Photo By Kumiko N.

Sunrise light in Venice – Photo By Brice C.

Evening traffic illuminates downtown Seattle – Photo By Walter C.
San Cristobal Hill, Santiago in the twilight of winter – Photo By Claudio A.

The Golden Gate Bridge as the golden hour slips into night, San Francisco – Photo By Dany C.

Dusk falling over the Toronto skyline – Photo By Dario E.
Sunset illuminating the Clock Tower, London – Photo By Qiong L.
Sunset view of the Sforza Castle in Milan – Photo By Christophe S.
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Happy Travelling
The Sure Maritime Travel Team

Photo’s courtesy of Lonely Planet for more information on these stunning photos please visit The Lonely Planet Travel Website

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