Travel the World, without leaving your seat


Have you always wanted to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa? The tranquil waters of Halong Bay? The sunset from the top of a skyscraper in Manhattan? Look down onto the Grand Canyon? Short of hopping on a plane, we have found out how you can experience some of the world’s most amazing attractions RIGHT NOW!

Travel the world without leaving your seat  – visit www.airpano.com. AirPano is a non-commercial project that uploads high resolution 3D aerial panoramas, creating virtual 3D tours, of some of the most interesting places on the planet. The quality is fantastic and it really feels as if you are there – perfect for escapism or for virtually “trying out” a place you want to visit.

Each panorama can be opened in several different resolutions – high and low res. The smaller, low res panorama is quick to download and the quality is just fine. The panorama will open up in a new browser window and from there you can zoom in and out, choose different angles to view from, see the same scene in different weather conditions, view from an aerial perspective, etc. You can also stop the panorama to view a particular area for longer – great if you are starting to feel a bit dizzy and want to slow it down.

It really is beyond cool so check it out for yourself.

Happy (virtual) travelling!

The Sure Maritime Travel Team

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