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Great News for local Ski enthusiasts ,

Tiffindell, the once premier ski resort in South Africa has been sold, and will be back in full operation by 2013.
The new owner, Lew Campbell, hoped to have it up and running again by 2013, after it was liquidated in 2009 following a lengthy court battle.

“It has always been my dream to own Tiffindell, and now I can build it up again and renovate it,” Campbell, who owns a ski shop in Johannesburg, told Beeld.

Situated along the Ben McDhui peak in the southern region of the Drakensberg, the resort includes chalets able to accommodate about 142 people, with the main lodge area featuring a lounge, restaurant, kitchen, bar, a shop, ski hire facilities.

Previously, the 101-hectare resort operated a ski school, found at the ski service and snowboard centre with a beginners slope, main slope and gully slope accessed via a pull lift, while the property’s main slopes are serviced by a ski lift.

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