Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Alternative Olympics

    The Crew here at Sure Maritime Travel have gone slightly Olympics crazy, but some might not find the Olympics all that exciting. Which is why we posted this great tongue and cheek article we found while browsing the internet. It seems there are alternatives if the Olympics is not your…

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  • Kulula Reaching for the Sky

      Kulula just launched there new boeing 737, and in typical Kulula style this was an over the top affair. Sure Maritime Travel found this exclusive footage to share with our loyal customers.  We also found a few photographs to share. If you are interested in flying on this wonderful…

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  • Skiing in Africa

    Great News for local Ski enthusiasts , Tiffindell, the once premier ski resort in South Africa has been sold, and will be back in full operation by 2013. The new owner, Lew Campbell, hoped to have it up and running again by 2013, after it was liquidated in 2009 following…

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