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Here is some friendly advice courtesy of Sure Travel head office and British Airlines

With yesterday signalling exactly a month to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the final preparations are racing full steam ahead. As a proud sponsor, British Airways has issued some advice on what you can do to make your journey during the Olympics as smooth as possible.

Peak Dates

The Games run from 27 July until 12 August 2012. British Airways expects the peak dates to be 16 July, 26 July, 13 August, 22 August, 28 August and 10 September – make careful note of these when organising your travel arrangements.

Before Travelling

UK airports are expected to be very busy during this period, so it’s a good idea to allow extra time when travelling to the airport. Customers are normally asked to arrive 3 hours before departure, and baggage that is checked in will only be accepted within the prescribed times. Customers should ensure that all baggage meets regulations, and that any old tags and barcodes are removed. Although transfers through London are expected to be unaffected, British Airways anticipates unprecedented demand for flights from around the world. For this reason, please ask your Sure Travel agent about pre-booking your favourite seats. In addition, try to complete Advance Passenger Information beforehand and very importantly, check in online up to 24 hours in advance.

At the Airport

To keep things on track, British Airways is working very closely with their host partner London Heathrow and other UK airports. UK Border Force and the BAA (British Airports Authority) will be ensuring that all airport services are fully staffed and that additional staff will be on hand to offer help and advice. Practise makes perfect, so to avoid any hiccups, both British Airways and its partners will be conducting rigorous trials in the run-up to the games. And to alleviate airport congestion at peak times, Olympic Team departures will be checked in at a dedicated off-airport departure zone.

For more advice regarding travel during the Olympic Games period, speak to your Sure Travel agent.

Happy Travelling

The Sure Maritime Travel Team

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