Innovative thinking for airport queues!


 The Sure Maritime Crew think this is a fantastic idea and hope it goes viral to all airports worldwide!




The Transportation Security Administration is trying to speed up airport security screenings by asking passengers to choose a security line based on their familiarity with check point procedures.

Most airports have them, but a lot of people don’t know about them. These ‘secret’ security lines could save fliers time.

One is called the Black Diamond line, which is designed for frequent or experienced travellers. Those travellers are familiar with security procedures and have their items out and ready.

The other line is called the Family Line and is typically marked by a green circle.

It is for those traveling with young children. Those fliers may have strollers or need extra time. 

Some airports also have a third line, which is usually marked by a blue square.

That line is for casual travellers, who often fall somewhere between families and travellers. 

Individual airports can decide whether or not to adopt the self – select lines. A few major airports that do have this system in place already are: Chicago O’Hare, San Francisco, Boston, Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Atlanta. 

At most airports, like DIA, the lines are in plain sight. But other airports opt to put the Black Diamond line off to the side, almost hidden, where pilots and crew go for screenings.

The catch here is that anyone can go through any line. For example, families don’t have to go in the family line if they don’t want to. The lines are simply offering suggestions about who should go through them. Ultimately, the choice is up to the traveller.

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