Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • A Spot of Tea

    Here is some friendly advice courtesy of Sure Travel head office and British Airlines With yesterday signalling exactly a month to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the final preparations are racing full steam ahead. As a proud sponsor, British Airways has issued some advice on…

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  • Happiness Is…

    Results from the¬†Happy Planet Index’s (HPI)¬†151-country-wide survey were released today, revealing the top 10 happiest and unhappiest places on the planet. With South Africa and Zimbabwe ranking among the top 10 unhappiest, and Botswana weighing in at the number one spot, it seems as though Sub-Saharan Africa has been shadowed…

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  • Knysna a Oyster and a Pearl

    The annual Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival is one of South Africa’s most popular festivals with huge appeal for sports lovers and families. This year it will take place from 06 -15 July, giving festival attendees ample opportunity to gorge themselves to bursting point on the oysters on offer….

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