Another Toilet Story?

Sure Maritime keeps up to date with all relevant travel stories, this one seems to have the rumours flying!
The rumour is that 1time Airline plans to do away with toilets on board. 1time ceo, Blacky Komani, sets the record straight…

The rumours are false – we do not plan to remove all toilets from our aircraft. As an airline that focuses on short-haul destinations, we are constantly attempting to identify ways that we can remain competitive and cost- and fuel-efficient at all times.

There are three toilets on board each of our aircraft, each weighing 600 kilograms. We are planning to remove the toilet at the front of each aircraft and retain the two at the back. The toilets are heavy and weigh significantly on our fuel usage, thus for us this is a logical move.

I would like to clarify that the move will not in any way impact the customer experience offered by 1time.

The initiative has received approval from the Civil Aviation Authority. We want to do this the right way. Through this initiative we will save fuel, and thereby remain competitive and affordable

We expect to implement by June/July.

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