Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Evoke Holiday memories with a Sandwich!

          This week, the crew are Sure Maritime travel have paused to consider the sandwich, that magnificent unit of consumption. The existence of the sandwich can be seen as a marker of civilization. There can be no sandwich without mono-crop agriculture, mechanisms to grind flour, fuel for ovens,…

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  • Another Toilet Story?


    Sure Maritime keeps up to date with all relevant travel stories, this one seems to have the rumours flying! The rumour is that 1time Airline plans to do away with toilets on board. 1time ceo, Blacky Komani, sets the record straight… The rumours are false – we do not plan…

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  • Avoid Travel Scams

    The Sure Maritime Travel team has done some Interneting and stumbled upon a great piece of travel advice, which we thought our customers would find valuable. Here is a great article from News24 Approaching your impending holiday with a sense of childlike wonder is to be expected. You’ve worked hard…

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