Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels USA

Dirty hotels are definitely something every traveller should avoid, the Sure Maritime Travel Team came across this very useful list put together by the folks  at Trip Advisor.

We had to share it with our valued clients, listed below is Trip Advisor’s Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels in the USA:

1. Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

“If you are looking for a hotel with chewing tobacco spit oozing down the halls and corridors; spiders actively making webs in every corner of your room; carpeting so greasy and dirty you wouldn’t want to sit your luggage down – let alone walk around barefoot…… by all means, stay at The Grand Resort.”

2. Jack London Inn –  Oakland, California

“The rooms displayed a level of filth and discomfort that mere neglect could never produce. The parking lot resembled a post apocalyptic junk yard. The halls reeked of cigarette smoke, body odor, and failure.”

3. Desert Inn Resort – Daytona Beach, Florida

“The ceiling was peeling, the walls were cracked, there were cigarette burns throughout the room, the Jacuzzi tub did not look clean, the bed was not a pillow top as advertised and very hard, I located a few small bugs on the box spring, some of the wood was rotten in the bathroom, and the balcony was littered with old cigarette butts.”

4. Hotel Carter – New York City, New York

“The first thing we had to do was buy cleaning products – not that it made a difference. The carpets were tha

t dirty I refused to walk on the floor without shoes on – choosing to jump from bed to bed or bed to draws.”

5. Polynesian Beach & Golf Resort – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“The floor of the room was dirty, if you took a shower your feet would turn black. The lamp shade in the room had exposed wires and did not work. The floor in the bathroom was peeling up, a great trip hazard.”

6. Atlantic Beach Hotel – Miami Beach, Florida

“The shower curtain had an unidentified gelatinous substance, the air conditioner wasn’t working and being held up by tape, there was a big hole in the wall, the sheets weren’t cleaned.”

7. Rodeway Inn – Williamsville, New York

“The room, however, made an indelible mark on all of us: chipped and peeling concrete around the ceilings, pieces of the bathtub disintegrating and rusting, black streaks on the walls, and worst of all, crusty white stains on the blankets and sheets.”

8. Super 8 Estes Park – Denver, Colorado

“All of the pillows smelled like smoke and greasy hair. Each of the comforters had large stains on them when pulled back and it was very obvious that they had not been laundered in a LONG time.”

9. Palm Grove Hotel and Suites – Virginia Beach, Virginia

“We found a baby bottle laying next to our bed upon entering the room, sand in the floor and on the sheets, beer bottles on the balcony.”

10. Econo Lodge Newark International Airport – Elizabeth, New Jersey:

“There was mold, stains on the carpet… there was something sticky on the comforter and the topper of it all… we probably have 25 bug bites between the two of us.”


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List courtesy of Trip Advisor

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