Chile Travel Advisory

This is an important Travel Advisory notice for all Sure Maritime Travel clients who may be heading to Chile or are currently there.

Sure Maritime Travel wishes to alert all clients travelling to and residing in Chile of ongoing forest fires in several regions across the country. The regions of most concern include the 12th Region Magallanes, location of the Torres del Paine National Park, the 7th Region Maule, and the 8th Region Bio Bio. January is the peak of the austral summer tourist season, and parts of the affected areas are known for outdoor sports and adventure tourism. January is also the summer dry season in Chile, with conditions that increase the risk of fire throughout the country. This Travel Alert updates the alert issued on December 30, 2011, and expires on January 31, 2012.

Chilean authorities have been battling serious forest fires in the Torres del Paine National Park since late December 2011. The Park was closed completely on December 30, 2011 due to the danger presented by the fires. The Chilean government reopened portions of the park on January 4, 2012, including some hotels and camping sites. More recently, fires have broken out in other regions. Because of the unpredictable nature of these events, travelers should visit the official website of the Chilean National Tourist Service at http://www.sernatur.cl/ or send an email to [email protected], for up-to-date information. The Chilean Federal Emergency Management Agency (ONEMI) also publishes frequent updates on conditions related to forest fires at www.onemi.cl.

This information was supplied by the US State Department.

Safe Travelling

The Sure Maritime Travel Team

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