Treasure Island, The magic of the Maldives


At one point or another all of us have dreamt about living on our own island paradise. I know I have.

From as early as I can remember I have images of tropical Island getaways imprinted in the recesses of my subconscious. Perhaps it was a result of  reading Treasure Island and the Swiss Family Robinson as a kid or maybe it was the Hollywood magic of the TV adaptations I saw  later on in life. Either way I have always longed to discover an island of my own to play out my own version of the Swiss Family Robinson, albeit a somewhat revised version.

You see every year that goes by my version becomes just a little bit more comfortable than the original.

When I was a younger, I wanted to live on a island with the bare necessities,  make shift shelters and adventure. As I entered my teens, the idea moulded to include a walk-man,  a tent and at least a sleeping bag. This changed once again as I hit my early twenties, my bare necessities now included a hot shower, a bottle store or pub and at least one take out place and a night club.  Bring on my mid twenties, and I chucked out the the tent in favour of a bed in a hotel, and  a restaurant or two. Now I’m hitting my thirties and starting to enjoy the finer things in life, which means my island has to include a day spa for the Misses, and perhaps some snorkelling and water sport for myself.  The dream may be somewhat far removed from the child hood dreams I once had, but ironically the dream with all its luxurious amenities is now more attainable, so much so, that I’m actually planning a trip in the new year, which is not something I would have dreamed of actually doing a few years ago.

Granted I wont be living on the island indefinitely, but hey a seven day holiday on an island, to live out my amended child hood fantasy is plenty of time if you ask me. And thanks to Sure Maritime Travel, I am getting it for a steal.

For just  R30 234 per person sharing the Misses And I will be heading over to watch the sun rise over the Indian Ocean and casts its spotlight on a glittering island of the Maldives in the cobalt blue waters as we enjoy the luxury and comfort of the  LUX Maldives. This exclusive beach resort turns romance into reality.Nestled among fragrant frangipani and hibiscus and  surrounded by the crystal clear waters of one of the most inviting lagoons in the Maldives, this getaway sounds like paradise.

You too can live out your fantasy,  head on over to the Sure Maritime Travel -Maldives specials page or give one of our friendly consultants a call.

Happy Travelling

The Sure Maritime Team

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