A Happy Ending For one lucky Giraffe

Africa really is a place of unexpected surprises, as the crew of the TV show ” Wild at Heart” will attest to.

While filming an episode of the show the crew stumbled upon a nine year old giraffe who had managed to get herself stuck in a swimming pool.
According to The Telegraph, “the animals on the reserve where the show is filmed are free to roam and the crew try to interfere with their habitat as little as possible. However it appeared that despite being 14 months pregnant the giraffe, called Lucy, had managed to squeeze through a fence around the set and had accidental fallen into the pool.”

Thankfully after a considerable 3 hour effort from the crew and local emergency services, Lucy was able to safely climb out of the pool unscathed.

Just another day in Africa, perhaps Lucy was just trying to enjoy some of the facilities on offer at the Game Reserve. I don’t blame her, I know I wouldn’t mind having a swim under the mid day African Sun.
The Sure Maritime crew are glad this majestic animal was rescued and applaud all those involved for their valiant efforts. After all our wildlife is our most precious resource and it is heart warming to hear of stories like this.

Happy Travelling
The Sure Maritime Travel Crew

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