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If you are planning a trip to the USA or have recently booked a package through Sure Maritime Travel, then this post is just for you.

Whether this is your first time State side or if you’ve been before, these few tips will help make the journey a lot more comfortable.

This is by no means a definitive guide nor is it the golden rule of travel, not sure there is one of those, but if we find one we will definitely post it on our blog for you all to see.

What it is, is a couple of pointers that can save you a lot of hassle while travelling and that can make the world of difference between a enjoyable journey and a frustrating one.

At the end of the article you will also find some Sure Maritime quick links to websites we think are a great resource for USA travel information. You could also call one of our consultants and let Sure Maritime handle all the nitty- gritty issues while you focus on getting excited for your impending trip.

So back to our top ten USA travel tips which can be applied to other travel destinations as well.

1. Airline Meals

When you book your tickets, make sure you specify any special dietary requirements. This will insure the airline has the correct meal on board the flight to meet you culinary , dietary and religious requirements. It will also insure you don’t starve, its a long flight and not having food you can eat will make it longer. If you have forgotten to specify your meal at the time of booking, please get hold of out Maritime offices as soon as possible and we will assist you in rectifying the issue. Its also a useful tip to note that special meals get served first on most flight, so if you want to eat early why not request a kosher meal you will probably be served before the other passengers.

2. You may need to Claim and Recheck your Baggage

The States since 9/11 have become quite strict on this matter. 9 out of 10 times you will be required to claim you luggage and recheck it in if you are taking a connecting flight. So always add an additional hour to your travel itinerary to accommodate having to do so. Worst case scenario is your luggage doesn’t need to be rechecked in, but now you have an hour to get to your next flight which will give you time to freshen up, get a quick snack and most importantly arrive at your next flight without having to rush through the terminals.

3. Travel Light

You may be able to expedite your entrance and departure from the airport by forgoing the use of checked baggage and using a carry-on only. In addition to the hassle of checking bags twice as mentioned above, you save loads of time otherwise spent standing about the luggage carousel in the herd with the other travel beasts of burden, while you await the appearance of your luggage (which looks just like every other piece of luggage) then fighting your way to the front of the line before it disappears through to baggage handlers port of no return before your eyes.

4. Protect Your Documentation

Loosing your travel Documents can be a pain, not to mention the possibility of identity theft as a result of your wayward passport. So its a good idea to keep scanned copies of your passport and other travel documents as well as digital copies on a FLASH drive with you when ever you travel. Just remember to store them separately from your passport

5.Visa or Master Card

Plastic might be bad for the environment but it is a valuable tool when travelling a broad. It is always a good idea to carry a debt card or credit card with you while travelling. They will come in useful when you need foreign exchange but cant find a Thomas Cook or forex outlet to exchange your travellers cheques. They are also useful should you find yourself low on funds as it is easy for someone back home to transfer money into your account. Just note that it is advisable to check with your bank on how there fee structure works regarding international usage. For example most banks offer a best rate of the day service with regards to exchange rate, but can often get you with high bank fees. So make sure you know your fee structure. Its also not a bad idea to have internet banking attached to your account as some international ATM’s don’t allow balance enquires.

6. A Question of Entry- Travel Visa’s

I will be attacking this subject in more detail in an upcoming article. But a quick tip for now is to ensure you are well aware of your Visa requirements before setting off. The Visa process for entry into the States is relatively straight forward provided you have all your documents in order and have pre booked a date with the American Embassy. You may also need a separate Visa if you wish to enter Canada while there so if this is in your plans make sure you have the correct documents. Remember Visa’s aren’t rocket science but the process can be overwhelming if you let it be. Best advice is to consult with one of our Maritime Travel agents, they are highly trained and very knowledgeable when it comes to all things Visa and we will definitely make the process as simple as possible for you.

7. Travel Insurance

Advise your medical insurance providers that you will be travelling out of the country. You may need to purchase additional travel insurance, this is usually very cheap, and well worth the money in case of an emergency. If you unsure of your Travel insurance requirements please feel free to ask Maritime Travel to assist you, we deal with only the best travel insurers.

8. Always be in touch

Register with the U.S. State Department. This will provide a way for you to be contacted should there be a family emergency while you’re away.Another benefit of this service is that it provides a way for you to contact family if you encounter an emergency someone at home can help with while you are abroad. Plus, it’s free.

9. Stay informed

Arrange for your airlines to email or call you with changes in your flight arrangements. This could have save you a lot of hassle caused by delays. Also remember to phone phone phone. That means if you are unsure of something contact your Travel agent. We at Sure Maritime Travel are always will to help so call us or email us if you are unsure of anything. Also check this blog regularly particularly our Important information section as we will use that to relay any major news that could affect our clients.

10. The most Important Part of Travel

Stay calm, be relaxed and have fun. Let us, Sure Maritime Travel, take care of the admin side of things.

Quick links

  • One last thing, here is a wonderful resource for all your travel information requirements specifically for the USA


Happy Travelling

The Sure Maritime Travel Team.

This article was inspired by the writings of Reg Adkins  a truly inspired columnist



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