Local is Lekker

Local is lekker,  a mixture of Afrikaans and English words that translates to Local is Nice,  a term synonymous with South Africa. Its unashamedly used to market products in shops, street vendors and festival grounds, and it couldn’t be more relevant  then when used to describe our local tourism industry.

Local is most definitely lekker, but just how lekker is what we at Maritime Travel are here to tell you.

Statistically there have been 7 million tourists enter our country this year alone. Which means we are definitely offering something that appeals to our foreign guest.

A recent survey by about.com rated Cape Town as one of the top 5 African destinations and placed us in the top 40 world holiday spots.

Lonely planet has this to say “Every country in the world displays some diversity, but South Africa, stretching from the hippos in the Limpopo River to the penguins waddling on the Cape, takes some beating.”

We boast some of the finest wines and restaurants in the world,  even Chief Ramsay who is notoriously foul mouthed and not easily impressed, has rated our wines and dinning highly.

But what do these few facts mean for locals and how does it make things “lekker”, well for starters  many South Africans believe the ideal holiday destination is somewhere overseas, but many can’t afford such a luxury. Most don’t realise that adventure and paradise await them just outside their door. If they did, we are pretty sure more and more locals would change this mindset, and like our foreign counterparts, see South Africa as the ideal holiday destination.

Secondly , its cheaper then travelling overseas, and there are a multitude of destinations to choose from, each offering something unique in aesthetic appeal, weather and activities.

For instance a trip to Cape town for the weekend can cost you as little as R2000 in fact if you wanted to do the wine route Sure Maritime Travel has a number of specials your pocket. Why not browse them here.

Or if you fancy a trip to the Drakensberg for a few nights, we can find you an extra special deal for the festive season, just give one of our friendly consultants a call.

But most importantly and this is what really makes things “lekker”, is the fact that South Africa is our home, the uniqueness of South African heritage, culture and above all else, our friendly hospitality make this a wonderful country and a fantastic destination for both locals and foreigners . Why wouldn’t you want to travel and discover the richness of our lands, make new friends and share a  cold beverage while enjoying a “braai” under our summer skies.

Local is lekker, and  Maritime Travel your local travel specialists are always striving to make sure you have a “lekker” holiday.

Happy Travelling

The Sure Maritime Travel Team




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