Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • London Travel News

    A friendly bit of information to any would be travellers to London, England from Sure Maritime Travel. If you have not heard yet, UK Border Agency is undertaking industrial action from today the 3o November 2011. At the moment this doesn’t seem to be affecting any travel arrangements. But if…

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  • Top Tips USA

    If you are planning a trip to the USA or have recently booked a package through Sure Maritime Travel, then this post is just for you. Whether this is your first time State side or if you’ve been before, these few tips will help make the journey a lot more…

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  • Local is Lekker

    Local is lekker,¬† a mixture of Afrikaans and English words that translates to Local is Nice,¬† a term synonymous with South Africa. Its unashamedly used to market products in shops, street vendors and festival grounds, and it couldn’t be more relevant¬† then when used to describe our local tourism industry….

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